Well, I went in to hospital the day before my scheduled op, put my dog in kennels, rushed to get a tooth I broke that morning seen to by the dentist, stayed overnight, to make sure I didn’t eat the night before the operation, was seen by various professionals and told my op would be around 11 am……..and then the consultant came steaming in, and cancelled my operation……..there is a long and personal story behind this, and just at the moment, I don’t feel like sharing it, but it involved the fact that I keep chickens, and that the arrangements I made for post op care had broken down…..AND that my doctors couldn’t be bothered to help, and that a nurse put the wrong info on my record etc etc……

SO… I started this series of blogs to warn customers that I would be out of action for a while, and I’d taken down most of my listings on ebay & etsy …….and this saga has been going on for a while – see BEST MADE PLANS – I thought I’d write a quick post to let you know that…….IT’S BACK TO NORMAL, and unless notified otherwise, it will be BUSINESS AS USUAL!

So if there’s anything you want, please take a look at my ebay page and my etsy shop, and if its not there get in touch with me at


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