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SHOW & TELL? Send in some pics for the blog – please……


To be honest,  I haven’t got anything new to plug, if you’ve been following this blog, you know more or less what I sell, and you can always click on the links underneath my (old) photo to see what’s currently on my ebay or etsy pages. (Personal Links)

I’m also looking for some new inspiration – its (almost) summer – well if we’re gonna get any decent weather this year, it should be around the end of May, the beginning of June.  Just in time for the exams…..

I know lots of people spin, knit, dye and weave all year round, but projects can tend to tail off until the autumn, and I thought it would be nice to see what you have been making – and perhaps we can all get some inspiration from each other, and think about planning what we might make next.

So how about a SHOW & TELL MONTH?

Please send in your photos of any craft work you have been doing and want to SHOW(off) to other members of this “Club”.  Don’t worry if you’re a beginner or a professional – it would just be nice to share our work.  If you have any problems you’d like to solve, why not see if anyone else can give you some advice, or praise – smile!

I have no idea how many, if any, of you will send your photos to


(sorry, can’t work out how to make my email address a click on link, so please copy & paste it…..)

but I will publish ANY photos you send in – on this blog (approximately in the order they arrive) – please add a description for those of us who can’t tell what it is (joke).

Any craft work welcome, it doesn’t have to be textile based, and for those of you that have bought any of my hatching eggs, pics of chicks would be nice too!

My SHOW & TELL for today is the latest photo a friend took of me a couple of weeks ago – and yes, I did knit the beret – from some old mohair yarn I had hanging around!

All the best – look forward to seeing your work –

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