SHOW & TELL (Click blue text to go to the original blog)  is open to all my customers who have bought from me at any time over the years. Please send in photos of your work, it can be in any craft or other media, with a brief description, to show (off) to others and hopefully inspire all of us.  If you’re not a customer, and would like to take part, just buy something, however small – from either ebay or etsy .  To my see current stock, please click on the links on the right hand side of this blog.

I will publish all contributions, and please don’t worry if you are just starting up, its just nice to see what people are doing!

Currently, the opportunity will be open until the END OF JUNE, altho I am always happy to see what my customers are doing, and will have other SHOW & TELL SESSIONS , so please send in photos of your work at any time to

CHRISTINE, from Totnes, Devon bought a KROMSKI FANTASIA SPINNING WHEEL from me last year, and was inspired by my suggestion, and the picture on the listing, that because of the way the wheel is made, there is a great opportunity to decorate it and make it totally individual.

She sent me these pictures earlier this year, and is happy for them to be part of this SHOW & TELL!

spinning wheel 2   spinning wheel  spinning wheel 3sock yarn

THIS IS HOW SHE ACCOMPLISHED THESE EFFECTS: “I finished the wood parts with danish oil and the MDF wheel was primed with white emulsion, after masking the cross piece with newspaper and masking tape. I then sprayed it with black matt car paint.  The front lettering is  traditional, bygone west country sheep counting language, much like the well known Cumbrian one which goes yan, tan,thether etc. On the back I drew little white leaping sheep, both using Eddings paint marker pens. Finished off with a couple of layers of varnish. I have also included a picture of the first yarn I spun on it, a sock yarn, spun from a hand painted superwash merino blend roving.”

I was really impressed when I saw what she’d done, and was going to put the pictures up at the time – but then I thought I’d lost them, as I hadn’t saved them separately – just as well I went back & checked!

Please do leave any comments for Christine at the end of this blog!

out of the boxThis is what the FANTASIA looks like when it comes out of the box – it doesn’t take too long to put it together, but whist its still in pieces, it makes it easier to decorate the various pieces in any way you want to – its only a suggestion, if you don’t want to bother, this is what it looks like…  fantasia unfinished

If you are interested in buying one yourself, have a look at the US distributers website – – where you will find lots of useful information, as well as a picture of another decorated Fantasia.

I am a registered UK agent for all KROMSKI Spinning Wheels and Looms – I currently stock the 24″ Harp Loom, and if you want to order ANY Kromski product, I can get it for you.  For US customers, you will find a list of suppliers on the New Voyager website.

Please email me at for prices and delivery times

I look forward to being able to put up more work from YOU! – Smile….

All the best

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  1. hi kate, couldn’t find where you left this comment until now! thanks for your compliment, but its taken ages to work out how to organise and arrange things, and I’m still lost about various aspects of blogging, which is why I’m doing the course – hope to find you again in the unbelievable size of the ‘class’!


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