the chickens that live up the hill

my millefluere barbu d'uccle hen

my millefluere barbu d’uccle hen

Have just been up the hill, behind my house, for a quick look at the chickens that live up there, in a really well build open sided barn, with netting protecting them, and access to the field.  They hadn’t been let out yet and thought I come to feed them – sorry girls I said, you’ll have to wait.

I had a small flock of chickens last year, but the fox was really wily, and he got all but my little bantam – she’s so small she wasn’t worth eating!

Millefleure (literally, a thousand flowers, or many colours) barbu d’uccles are originally a Belgian breed – correct me if I’m wrong – and are really friendly garden hens – ‘missy’ loves sitting on my shoulder and is so small that its really quite comfortable!

I have got her a companion, and would love to get some more, but I’m waiting, ’til the winter is over and the foxes aren’t so hungry!




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  1. Cute chicken, nice pattern to her feathers. Looks almost like camouflage. My neighbor had plain white chickens, lost them to coyote. Her yard was too small for a donkey. That’s what a lot of people keep here in Oklahoma to keep coyotes out of barn yards.


  2. Pretty little chicken as long as she’s in a cage. My grandmother raised chickens and she would make us go check the eggs. They scared me to death. I was afraid they would peck me. haha! ~Elle


    • oh dear, you need to be introduced first! I used to sell chicks – will do again one day – and if a kid came along with mum or dad, I’d put the chick in their hand and show them how to hold it – they were hooked after that – and never scared!

      your grandmother must have had some really big cockerels running around – they can be scary – unless of course, you have raised them yourself, so they are used to being handled!

      so no – missy isn’t in a cage!

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  3. Ugh, I want chickens so bad! My city is so dumb, I can have GOATS because they are miniature, they are considered pets, not livestock.. but I can’t have chickens!!! 😦

    Anyhoo, I found your blog through a fellow blogger, and I thought I would stop by and say hi! It would totally make my day if you did the same.. or better yet, keep in touch! ❤ –


    • what is wrong with chickens for heaven’s sake – whereabouts is this? suppose they might be expecting everyone to have cockerels too – but a couple of hens – just so nice to have them around!

      will check your site out – feel free to follow mine!


    • have kept chickens for years, and don’t feel right without a few around – so yes – I will do! Sorry you lost some of yours too, but its an occupational hazard!


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