snippet heard on the Jeremy Vine Show (BBC Radio 2) whilst I was driving this afternoon ….not verbatim

“Well I’m a delivery driver, and we’ve got wi-fi in our

vehicles, so when I’m on a break I’m sitting in the van

designing websites for WordPress customers”

He went on to ask for tax advice and what he needed to declare as a small business.

7 Feb:  I’ve now had time to listen to the whole 2 hours of Thursday’s show on iplayer:

On Jeremy Vine today  subjects covered are FGM, Tesco’s supply chain, an interview with a German journalist who had access to ISIS, and nine to fivers, which is where the snippet above came from.  If you only want to listen to that its 1hr 36mins into the programme.


WordPress Travelling Salesman …..?

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  1. Hi Julz, I enjoyed your short post today. A tax accountant just left here a few minutes ago. While I was prepared and anticipated a long evaluation of my tax returns, he gathered all my information up and said he would sit down with TurboTax. Duh! I could have done that myself this year. I had problems last year with some (disability due to illness) tax issues. When I went into H&R Block for an amendment in November, the lady said, “Don’t do your taxes.” I took that as an insult to my intelligence as I have always done my own taxes up to now. I guess the moral of the story is that maybe we should try to resolve things ourselves first before involving others. I could have taken my tax returns to a tax attorney but that would have been costly and unnecessary I thought. Anne.


    • well if he gets is wrong, you can sue him I spose? Its tax season here too, but we do it a bit differently – anyone who didn’t submit their returns by 31 Jan already has a fine hanging over their head!


    • most people do but this guy seems to have tapped into those of us that don’t really know what they are doing, and are happy to pay someone else to set it up for them – fair enuf!

      Didn’t hear the rest of the programme – if you want to it will be on the iplayer listen again feature soon – I would have put a link up to it, but they hadn’t prepared the programme for iplayer yet, and I thought this was too funny not to put it up immediately – smile!

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