are my/your comments stuck in spam?


ask for helpI have discovered in the last day or two that almost all the comments I have made on other people’s blogs have been stuck in the spam folder, and thus not viewed or put up on the sites I commented upon.

WordPress support have not been very helpful so far, so I am putting out a call to anyone and everyone who has a WordPress site to check your spam folder.  Yes, there is a lot of rubbish in there that deserves to never see the light of day – but please look and see if any of my comments are also stuck there – or your friends comments – due for imminent disposal!

I have checked with some of the sites I follow and who also took the blogging101 course with me, and they have found up to 5 of my comments in their spam folder – I really hope that hasn’t happened to you!  I have also commented on random posts I found through searches, or in the Community Pool, and since no one can read them, I can’t get any replies from anyone, when I ask them if my comments are in the spam folder – catch 22!

However – if you do want to leave a comment on this post – as far as I know, they will all arrive, and I will put them up as soon as I get them!

And check in my spam folder just in case – smile!  My comments are all moderated by me, but that’s because the comments are open to anyone reading my blog – so do let me know if you can shed some light on this strange phenomenon!

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  2. I rarely check the spam folder.  Checked, it’s empty (auto-purged).

    If someone can get your email address (or hack in, and even get the IP too), then they can pose as you (a form of ID theft), and when the ID thief makes a comment, you can get flagged.  No global “unflagging” is utilized that I know of.  “Unspamming” is manual and applies only to individual blogs.

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  3. Reblogged this on the spare and commented:

    I am re-blogging my own post from because, whilst my problem has not yet been fixed, I thought I might as well air this ‘grievance’ as widely as possible to stop others going thro’ the same misery…..


  4. I’ve found six from you in my spam folder and all have been released! They went as far back as three weeks. This also happened to another blogger friend of mine a few months back and as soon as I found them in my spam folder I okayed them I’ve have had no trouble with her comments since. She did not get much help from support either. As I said earlier Julz, the rule of thumb is to check our spam folders regularly. ~Elle

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    • thanks elle for confirming that the problem has been going on for 3 weeks – I didn’t even realise it was that long!

      Trouble is, its not just you that didn’t look in the spam folder, cos it seems that maybe all the comments I made in the last few weeks went in each blogs spam folder, and I can’t even remember who they were, and whilst the ‘ban’ is still on, I can’t contact them anyway, to tell them to look in the spam folder, cos that comment will also go there!

      just so others know, the only reason elle & I realised this was happening was because we are both members of the january 101 blogging course and there was a site set up so we could talk to the other members – and at least my comments got thro on that one!

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        • I don’t have a mobile – well only an old one i use for emergencies – smile – I’m a dinosaur! However, before your comment, I had already looked at the ‘my comments’ in reader, but it only shows the ones that I know have been cleared cos the people have been in touch and unspammed them.

          I just commented on a new followers site, and he’s just got back to me to say that he had to unspam it – but cos he’d read this post and I’d put a few likes on his, he thought to look!

          so no change then!

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  5. Thank you for the reminder. I don’t know about anyone else but I (almost) NEVER check my ‘mail’. I solely rely on the little orange comment box, start, bell (whatever it is) at the far upper-most right of my screen on WP for any feedback. I went to my ‘mail’ and had hundreds of ’email’ to ‘delete’ (because I’d already read all the comments). No spam from you.

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  6. Thanks for letting me know. So far, any of your comments or posts have not come through my spam folder. Perhaps, just a computer glitch that will momentarily straighten itself out eventually. Good luck!


    • thanks for checking – yes I would love it to be just a glitch, but its not on my computer – so I need WordPress to look into it and take it seriously – hmm

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  7. Hi Julz…isn’t the internet fun? If I were you I would create a new email address with yahoo or gmail or whoever you like. Are you sure no one marked one of your messages as spam? I’m not an expert on that, but I personally check my spam folders every day, and if it is not known to me I zap it. I’ve eliminated several good emails that way but I have learned not to take chances.

    Having said that, I will do my check for spam right now. I will get back to you if I find any of your email in my spam folders.


    • But is it usual for your comments not to appear on common spaces as soon as you have made them ? Mine never appear at the time I write them, and never show a day later. I tested this with a friend – her comments appeared – mine didn’t. Ditto, when I asked someone why they hadn’t answered my question, she didn’t answer, and I got annoyed with her. It was only because we had another way of contacting each other that she found out my comments had gone to the spam folder – and she hadn’t known about them – we nearly fell out because of this.

      This is nothing to do with email, but by the way, if this kind of thing happens, its useful to have a ‘contact me’ place on your site, which goes to your email address – I’m amazed how few people have a direct contact feature. Its safer than displaying your email address.


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