drumroll – tada! introducing…..’your spare’…..


there is someone else out there using my name – smile
go and have a look at ‘the spare‘ and ‘your spare

you are welcome to leave your own comments and thoughts – that’s what its for – promote yourself – add a link!

the spare

What was I thinking, introducing my new page –‘your spare’

without giving it proper space on this blog!  And I once used to trade under the name Design Photography Promotion!

Well, better late than never…..the spare is “a place to play” and Your Spare can be your place to play, if you want to!

I gave it a brief mention in my last blog, and its time to give it a proper chance to do what I’d like it to do – give me and others a place to blatantly advertise ourselves, our blogs, our commercial sites, our pet projects, our complaints, our – whatever you like!

Up to 3 blatantly promotional links are allowed, the only caveat being  – please use one of them to promote someone else, and invite them to join in ….and if possible, please read someone else’s blatant promotion, and comment on…

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