new in – some beautiful fabrics for sewing and quilting projects


I tend to stock mainly spinning and weaving supplies on the sites listed below my photo on the right hand side panel, and I have recently got in a stock of standard carders, mini carders and carding cloth for you to make your own blending boards (for making up your own blends of colours and fibres).  These you will find on the julzweaving account on ebay, and on julz craft supplies at etsy.

And, just because I fell in love with them – I took a chance and added some really beautiful fabrics to the mix – these you will find on the 85solway ebay account, and again on julz craft supplies at etsy.  I hope you like them – smile!

They are all 100% cotton, the widths are shown below – if you click on any of the images they will become a slide show.  They are all sold in varied amounts, so that you can choose from metres to fat quarters for quilting, and have been chosen as quilting matches.

Apart from the giraffe design which is a cotton canvas, suitable for upholstery, the designs below all come in a medium to light weight cotton, that is great for dressmaking and other sewing projects.

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  1. Okay, I think this is working. Now to fix things so I can also access them on my cell phone and I’ll be able to read my e-mail when I’m gone for the weekend. Thanks for checking it out for me! I like the idea of the carding cloth being available, just not sure if I’m ready to get into more projects yet, …so much I want/need to get done from the supplies I’ve already stashed:)

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    • smile – I sold out of the carding cloth I bought, will be ordering more, but if and when you want some and its not listed – just ask!

      glad to see things are working your end!


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  4. What a way to be able to exercise your creativity by having your own store. I love looking at fabrics and thinking what I would make from them — even though I can’t even sew a button on properly. It’s always interesting to me to watch the people on Project Runway go to Mood. Hope these become best sellers for you.


  5. Julz, I’ve been sewing up a lot of different bird fabric into pillows recently. This is beautiful bird fabric! I know you put fabric swatches up here to tease me – you know I’m too busy to sew for pleasure. ;( Guess I’ll have to check it all out! ~Elle


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