is this the worst chip shop in Wales?

this is a nicer plate of chips than I got!

this is a nicer plate of chips than I got!

I’ve just got back from a visit to someone in mid-wales, it was quite a drive there and back, and I have been getting up very early for some weeks now, so tho’ it was around 1.45 pm, I hadn’t had any lunch, and I was desperate for a cup of tea.

And I was falling asleep at the wheel –  I thought I’d better stop along the way.

I wasn’t even that far from home, but it was safer to top up with a bit of carbohydrate and caffeine – smile – than to go home and try and cook.

I knew there was a chip shop in a place called, for short GCG.  I managed to find a parking space and hobbled to the door – I was really stiff!  It was the kind of place the kids congregate in the evenings, buying just a bag of chips and a coke, and get up to mischief, but at this time of day, there were only 4 adults in there, standing at the counter.  I joined them for 3 minutes, but no one came.  I thought they had ordered and were just waiting for their food.

Oh no!  They were standing around waiting for whoever it was who was banging around in the back doing something or another.  There were two round tables with plastic tablecloths on them – I sat down at one – and waited.  We all waited about 15 minutes.  And then she took their order.  I got up to give her mine, but she’d gone into the back.

So another 15 minutes later, when she’d finally packed up their order and they’d left I walked up to the counter and asked her for a plate of chips and a cup of tea.  I had been going to order fish & chips and have a proper meal, but I didn’t think it would be edible!

And I said I wanted to sit down, not takeaway – I even told her I’d had to stop because I was getting too tired to drive safely – “thats 30p extra on both items” – OK.  Don’t think she’d ever had a sit down customer before, cos she add to add it up, and then didn’t put it thro the till!

Anyway, you know if you order something like that, you usually get the cup of tea first.  Well it was, “I’ll bring your tea with your chips.”  No choice, was too tired to argue.

Another 15 minutes went by – one more person, who she obviously knew – came in and the chatted for a while, and finally served him.  Then she deigned to serve me up with an OK looking plate of chips.  I mean I even got a plate!  No condiments, only some salt and vinegar on the table.

Wasn’t worth asking for them, the chips would be cold before they arrived.

Then she went back behind the counter, and was supposed to be bringing me this cup of tea – I was parched and it was difficult to get the chips down without something to drink.

A delivery driver came in, with their order for sausages – I know this because she then spent 5 minutes on the phone discussing the order with someone after he left.

my mug of tea wasn't as nice as this!

my mug of tea wasn’t as nice as this!

At which point I called over – “Can I get this cup of tea please.”   Five minutes later she literally dumped it on the table.

No one else was in the place, there were no other distractions, I tried chatting to her, she just went in the back again.

Well I got thro’ half the plate of chips and decided I couldn’t eat the rest – so I was sitting there thinking, I’ve had a rest, I might as well go – but well – the chickens like chips, so I’ll ask her for some wrapping paper – she came out surly as ever, and lifted one sheet off the pile.  I asked for two, cos chips are greasy and they are never just wrapped in one sheet.

She gave it to me as if she was doing me a great favour.  I wrapped my chips and went out of the door – no bothering to say thanks, not for once, (smile – see my recent posts)  bothering to complain – I was just too tired, and it wouldn’t make one jot of difference if I had.

It was 3 pm when I left – I got home at 3.15 pm – but in a way it was worth it, cos I am tired and I’m writing this in bed!

So, if you are in GCG – I wonder if you could tell me the name of the chip shop?  Bet you could!

GCG is a real place, but as most of my readers are not from Wales, more’s the pity, I’d be surprised if anyone knows.

But do you know one as bad as this?  Do tell – lets have some fun in the comments section – smile.

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  1. aw, so sad about your receiving such poor service. I do NOT have a story of poor service, but rather one of a very small fish and chips shop here in Kelowna BC Canada. It is called The Olde English Fish and Chips and has been in business for most of my 60+ years. It is small, mostly take out but there are three small tables for eating in. Not fab décor, but tasty fish and chips. My grandmother lived about 1 block away, closer if we cut through someone else’s driveway and backyard. And every time we visited grandma (when I was a child/teen) we would order fish and chips at least once. Grandma was Mennonite/German descent and did not eat much foods other than her traditional dishes, but she loved fish and chips. Knowing the size of our family, the staff usually threw in several extra pieces of fish and extra chips. The place was and is still family owned. The sons are running it now with their sons/daughter just about ready to take over. They still throw in extra pieces whenever I go there. Great service and great company.


  2. I used to get bent out of shape regularly when I would go to the JC Penney’s store to buy fabric for baby quilts. It was always the same two older ladies that ran that department, and if you were under 50, forget it. You could be the first of ten customers in the door at the same time, but you were always the last to be waited on while all the old gals were treated with tender lovin’ care. Finally it p*ssed me off so bad that despite their good prices, I went elsewhere. Took me a LONG time to learn, though!


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