Shame on you Germany for treating Greece so badly


iuI am furious and so disappointed – “Grexit” (Greece’s exit from the EU) has been discussed in every detail in the news the last few weeks – and I have to say that the whole EU project has been shown in a very bad light – Germany has more or less forced Greece to kneel before it to be humiliated.

Sorry, but, apparently, when Germany was on its knees after the Second World War, Greece was one of the countries that forgave their debt, with the knowledge that a broken country would be dangerous, for those that live there and for those it owed money to.

I will say what everyone else has been thinking but is too careful to say – there is something in the German character that is dangerous, it was no aberration that they allowed the dictatorship of Hitler and went along with his mad and horrific policies.  We all thought that period was over, but its just re-surfaced.

I wish Greece had been able to leave and reinstate the Drachma, but I understand the tangle of issues that has made them try to stay.  I hope we can all support them in some way or another, but I see trouble ahead.

If this isn’t a warning to every other country in the Eurozone, I don’t know what is – Greece no longer even have independent access to the printers that could produce a new currency!

The best comment I heard about all this was on Radio 4’s “Now Show” – to paraphrase it – how can you expect those countries that don’t need to wear a jumper in winter to behave in the same way as those countries that need to wear several jumpers all year round!

Greece is not Germany – and they shouldn’t be forced into German mind sets and German economic strategies – they won’t work in a Mediterranean country!

We are expecting to be allowed to vote in a referendum here in the UK – sometime or another – whether we want to stay in the EU.  I for one have had enough of the petty standardisation and killing of individuality with thousands of mini laws!

So I will be voting to get out of the EU as soon as we can!

beware - tilting at windmills is not allowed in the EU - smile

beware – tilting at windmills is not allowed in the EU – smile

If any of you read my post on VAT MOSS in January, you might be interested to know that I have been writing to various MEP’s about this VAT MESS, which affects small craft businesses NOT EVEN IN THE EU – you might be interested to know that the whole issue is mired in so much petty procedure that nothing has been done!  

I am waiting for a bit more information before I publish an updated post about it – don’t hold your breath!

And yes, I do sometimes fight impossible fights, and tilt at windmills!  Feel free to skip this post if you are not political!

PS:  I wrote this in the early hours, and when I woke this morning, I find that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has poured scorn on the deal, saying rightly, but far too late, that they do not believe that anything but a write off of the majority of the Greek debt would work, as this deal would NEVER enable them to get back into credit.

This announcement has been made on the day that the Greek Prime Minister is supposed to persuade his government to vote through the changes that the Germans demand IMMEDIATELY !  AND – the German government and other EU governments are meeting to ratify the ‘so called’ agreement!

If you’d like to read something completely different – I have put some more pictures of Tilly’s Miraculous Kittens up on “the spare” – you can see the new pictures here – smile.

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