Sheep Dyed Yellow!


I went to Sennybridge Agricultural Show today, and among other things I saw something quite bizarre – sheep with their fleeces dyed yellow!

suffolk sheep dyed yellow

suffolk sheep dyed yellow

close up of a suffolk sheep dyed yellow

close up of a suffolk sheep dyed yellow











I did ask someone what is was about – he reckoned it was just cosmetic – to catch the judges eye.

I was wondering if anyone knows whether this is done regularly at shows now – its a while since I’ve been to an Agricultural Show – AND what dye is used, is it temporary or permanent?

Or maybe, just maybe, its an ingenious way to dye the wool BEFORE its shorn, and sell it as a pre-dyed fibre???

These are some undyed Suffolks for comparison.

Suffolk Sheep 'au naturel'!

Suffolk Sheep ‘au naturel’!

I took loads of photos at the Show, and will be putting some more up soon!

To see the very charming young riders Fancy Dress Parade – click here.

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  1. It is remarkably vivid but I’d assume it washes out.
    Pre-dying the wool might make sense, but may not be effective since sheep probably shouldn’t be put in mordents.

    I’d like to also take a moment to point out that baby chicks are dyed in the egg using food coloring and that used to be used to keep track of breeds only now is it used to market baby chicks for Easter.


    • still not sure why they bothered to do it – but I think they certainly overdid it! Beats me why they still took them to the show!

      Thanks for the info on the eggs – never heard of that myself?


      • So, too much time online and all I’ve found out is that the RSCPA thinks it’s okay. Just use food safe dyes and know that it can be difficult to get out.
        Also they point out it is usually used as a counting or breeding/familial marking not a marketing thing .

        Apparently a few years ago Madonna had a bunch of sheep dyed for a magazine shoot so it was investigated.


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  3. UGH! that poor sheep! goodness knows what kinds of chemicals have been inflicted upon the animal to produce that glary colour and what side effects they have on the animal. not to mention the sheep’s social life! its probably a sheep pariah by now!


    • well, that’s a really definite reaction! I’m sorry I didn’t ask around to find out what was the point of it, but there was so much going on that I didn’t think any more about it until I got home!


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