Whoops – I found a glitch!



Apologies to everyone on my mailing list,  I sent out a “newz from julz” update to you this morning, and whereas there was a facility on my old computer system, Mountain Lion, to hide all the addresses in a group, which I aways used, and I assumed it was the same with Sierra. (see Digital Nightmare!)

However, it seems they work on the basis that if you start a new group, you can decide then whether the email addresses in the group are available to everyone who gets it, or to keep them private – but there is no way to do this with a group already put together!

I couldn’t find a facility to do it any other way, and thought that because the old groups were already private, they would stay so!

I just got a “remove” email from someone, and the whole list of recipients was on it!

I got a real shock!

I promise you I won’t let this happen again, even if it means having to enter each separate email address into new group!

I really can’t apologise enough – but I honestly didn’t realise what was happening!

UPDATE – on 4 Sept:  The problem has now been resolved – please see


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