Garment Labels for your Handmade Craft items



I have just spent a couple of hours putting the 9 designs of these machine embroidered iron-on labels into one listing  here on etsy and I thought I might as well put them up here so that you know they are available!  They are also listed on my new retail website here on JULZ CRAFT STORE .

You can use them for dressmaking, knitted garments and any other handmade item – if adding a name or writing to them, please remember to use a permanent marker pen, as ordinary pens will smudge in the wash.  If you don’t want to iron them on your carefully made item, you can sew them on – or even tack them onto a wooden object!

There are four labels in each pack – which sells for £3.99 – and available to buyers in the UK and Worldwide.

If you are buying them from JULZ CRAFT STORE – do remember to use the coupon code – which is on the right hand information area on this blog, so that you get your 5% discount.  Yes I know its not much, but if you are on my mailing list, I have sent you a coupon for 10% off, and once you have put in a order to my new website, you will get a coupon code for 10% off your next order!

Have Fun!

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  1. I have ordered the iron on garment labels (created by). I had a problem finding them – they didn’t come up in the search box under any combination of title -maybe too new on your site?


    • Thanks for your order. Just a quick note to tell you, and anyone else who has the problems you had – in fact the words JULZ CRAFT STORE – in red – are a link to the actual listing – all you need to do is to click on the red words – smile. I have checked the site and if you put either “label’ or “iron on” in the search box – the listing does come up! In fact there are two search boxes – one at the top right hand of the header, and one underneath the list of categories, half way down the right hand side . I hope this helps! Will post your order in the morning! All the best – JULZ.


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