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Firstly, this blog is called julzcrafts because the blog started off as a way to keep in touch with my customers.  I sell craft supplies on both ebay & etsy, and sometimes folksy.  

Up to date links to my current listings on those sites can be found under PERSONAL LINKS, beneath my photo on the right hand column of the page – 

I trade under the name of      


and since 1 March 2018 on my own retail website 



Please note that I sell worldwide and if you want to buy direct, please see the  “BUYING DIRECT”  page.

I was based in a village outside Swansea, South Wales, UK, but during February 2017, there was a landslip behind several houses in the terrace and half my garden went down the hill!  I am now living in a lovely cottage outside Lampeter in West Wales.  

Please fill in the form on the ‘CONTACT ME‘ page, if you’d like to get in touch, or have any queries about items I sell, or want to know if I can get hold of other products for you. 



julz_Fotor THIS IS ME !  well OK….

for anyone that knows me the photo is a few years old, but it’s the nicest one I have, and I’ve used it as an avatar on etsy for years, and have now added it to my google gravatar.

I had been a photographer for over 30 years – and I hardly ever get around to having my own picture taken!

When digital photography came in, I, like many photographers, found that half my business just fell away.

So I have had quite a few arrows to my bow, and have been self employed for most of my working life.

Someone recently asked me what my last job was, and she meant, when I was last employed by someone – it was so long ago,  I had to think about it.  At one time I worked as a production assistant/secretary to a Radio 4 Drama Producer, and before that I  worked in New York for an international building contractor.

FireI have run my own craft fairs, and some years ago, published  a range of my own photographic greetings cards which I sold at craft fairs, agricultural shows and to retail outlets.  They are now available only on my other site – julzcards.

I’ve been involved in spinning & weaving for over 25 years, have knitted & sewn since I was a small child, and, ‘once upon a time’ I  designed and knitted mohair jumpers which sold well – until the fashion for them also waned.

As I was buying more & more yarns and equipment for my own use, it seemed sensible to buy at trade prices and sell on the extra stock that I didn’t use myself, and that’s how I started on this current venture in 2012.


So – a bit of information about what I SELL ……

I  buy mainly from UK based suppliers, and at different times, I will have carders for spinning and  wool fibres to spin, yarn suitable for weft & warp for weavers, felting supplies and fabric for quilting, as well as various relevant tools for crafters.  

The stock varies depending what the suppliers are up to – and on how quickly items sell out.  I’m always looking for new stock and new directions so – 

I’d be pleased to know what items YOU might like to see for sale on my sites, and will buy in stock that you are interested in – as long as I have enough cash in hand, and think it will sell  – smile!

 All my customers are added to my PRIVATE MAILING LIST  –  which I use to let you know when I’ve put up a new blog that might be of interest to you,  to tell you about new stock, AND special offers available only to those on the mailing list.  If you do not want to receive “newz from julz” updates – please write the word “Remove” in the subject line of the email, and I will take you off it immediately

If you are not yet a customer and want to join the mailing list, please fill in the form on the mailing list  page.

Please do comment on any of the blog posts, your feedback – positive or negative – helps me give you the best service I can!


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All the best

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