An Archive of Posts from Around the World

I have readers all over the world – how do I know? – because WordPress has a very good stats system and I can see where you all come from!  It always amazes me how you find me!

I occasionally post articles I find about crafting subjects from countries around the world and thought it might be useful to create a special archive page to collect them together for you.

NB;  I SELL AROUND THE WORLD TOO!  In March 2018 I opened a new retail website JULZ CRAFT STORE.  You can ALSO find me on these sites – julz craft supplies on etsy and julzcraftsupplies on ebay. You are also welcome to BUY DIRECT – PLEASE CONTACT ME through this blog by clicking on the red links in this paragraph!


The AROUND THE WORLD posts are listed in date order – the most recent first:-

I haven’t updated this archive for a good while – will get to it at some point, but in the meantime – to find all posts with the ‘around the world’  tag – click on “subjects I write about, and then ‘around the world’.



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