Welcome to my “Buying Direct “ page which explains how you can buy the craft supplies that I stock, and, if you are not registered with any or all the sites I sell on, how you can put in a direct order.

I trade under the name


and sell a mix of spinning & weaving supplies (equipment, fibres, fleeces, coned yarns), fabrics for dressmaking & quilting, as well as other craft supplies and equipment – sometimes for soap making, or stained glass, or anything that you ask me for!  I also stock gift items and storage items for your craft supplies!

If you would like to join my mailing list, please fill in the form on that page.

See the about Julz page for more general information about what I sell, and a sketchy biography!

I don’t have a website but trade on both ebay & etsy, and sometimes folksy.

Up to date links to my current listings on those sites can be found underPERSONAL LINKS‘, beneath my photo on the right hand column of the page.

I have two ebay accounts – originally one was personal and the other a business account.

The split of items has got a bit hazy, as I have been transferring the items I used to sell on  julzweaving to the business account which used to be called 85solway – until I realised that I could rename it as julzcraftsupplies, and list a lot more items – smile!

I sell some of the same stock more than one site, but you will also find different items on each site, to cater for the buyers that visit them

Etsy listings last for several months, and so you may often find items there that I listed on ebay, and have not renewed,  so please check on etsy if you think you’ve missed something you wanted to buy on ebay.

Ebay allows auction listings and you can sometimes be lucky and get the items advertised on etsy for a fraction of the price.  I sometimes try out new items on auction listings – so you won’t find them on etsy.

You can browse any site without registering.

So – to make this simple, any time you want to combine items from any of the sites, or buy an item on a site that you are not registered with, please use the CONTACT ME page to get in touch and give me a list of what you want to buy.  I will then email you with a quotation, and if you are happy with that will send you an invoice.

 All direct sales go thro’ Paypal, and you will be sent an invoice so its properly registered.  Should there be a problem, I will refund you under the PayPal scheme.

As this saves me fees, I will normally give you a small discount for direct orders, and  you can order direct from me at any time if you prefer to buy this way.

However for small value items it really isn’t worthwhile.  (Paypal also charges fees and I cannot discount those.)

Please note that I sell worldwide and am happy to give you a quote for postage wherever you are.

I’d be pleased to know what items YOU might like to see for sale on my sites, and will happily buy in stock that you are interested in – as long as I have enough cash in hand, and think they will sell  – smile!

All the best

julz signature

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  1. Hi Julz – I am so excited that I have just found you on ebay and I am going to buy some rovings. It’s so nice to be able to buy from someone local.

    I started spinning and weaving last year and love it but I find that there are always things that I ‘should’ be doing instead. So now I have set up a woolly wonders group in Pontarddulais and we meet at Canolfan Y Bont on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 12.30 to 3.30pm. Its open to anyone who likes spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, felting, textile art – in fact anything you can do with wool. We ask people to bring along their own equipment and materials but we also welcome new members who would like to have a go at a new skill. We all get to see what each other is doing and get inspiration from each other.

    The price is £2 per session and tea/coffee and a biscuit is 50p.

    If anyone would like more information they can contact me thro’ julz’s contact me page, and she will pass the message on.

    All the best



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