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I keep meaning to update this archive – but haven’t got round to it yet – there are some more information sheet posts that have been published since 2015!  To see them please click on “subjects I write about, and then ‘information sheets’.

This is a list of the i/sheets and the date they were published, so that you can find them again – or for the first time ……

The idea is to have a ‘library’ of useful information on all types of crafts, or related matters.

Hopefully you will find these useful, as the library grows.

If you have an idea for one, or would like to write one on a subject you know well, please use the form on the contact me page to tell me about it.


  1. No 1:  What is Jute?  An exploration of the fibre that has many uses, including string, yarn for weaving, and sacking.  It is now also used for all kinds of storage bags.  Published 13 February 2015 – written by julz.
  2. Fair Isle Knitting – a radio 4 programme for you to listen to + more knitting info    Published 24 February 2015 – copied by julz from the BBC Radio 4 website.
  3. How Ancient Weaving Techniques Save the Earth – article published in the Huffington Post about the regeneration of a community in Peru, by going back to the traditional methods of vat dyeing with natural plants, and spinning and weaving their own alpaca wool.  Published on 13 March 2015 – posted here on 4 April 2015
  4. Woman’s Hour (BBC Radio 4) on the Business of Crafts – a 45 min programme dealing with various aspects of the subject – can be listened to in sections!  Published 7 April 2015
  5. K is for Knitting – the history of…  A post I wrote for the A-Z Challenge, which includes some interesting photographs of the oldest knitted items in the museums – and a brief introduction to the history of knitting.  Published 13 April 2015
  6. L is for Looms for Weaving – another of the A-Z posts in which I explore a little of the history of looms – from Egyptian times, and talk about simple low cost ways to weave.  Published 14 April 2015.
  7. M is for Merino Wool – yes, another A-Z post – I thought I’d have a look at Merino Wool and the sheep they come from!  Published on 15 April 2015.
  8. Q is for Quilts for Peace – An A-Z post I wrote about the group Quilts that are made by campaigning groups to lobby for their causes.  Published 19 April 2015
  9. Luscious Silks – new & old stock I have included this post because the introduction gives a short explanation of how silk is made.  There is also a gallery of pictures of different kinds of silk fibres and yarns that I have in stock on 7 May 2015.
  10. Scarf Kimono pattern – from Woman’s Hour’s website – this was featured in No 4 above, but as so many people were looking for the pattern, I thought I’d put it up separately.  Its a very simple pattern to make a kimono top from 3 scarves – old or new.  Posted 9 May 2015.
  11. SILK – A re-blog from spaceship china – Debbie’s take on some of the history of the Silk Trade, and some comments on modern day Tourism in China.  Published here on 19 May 2015
  12. Make An Upcycled Napkin Curtain – a tutorial with instructions copied from the Etsy Blog.  Posted here on 16 June 2015
  13. Washing Wool – the Virginia Way – from Ten Good Sheep – a tutorial showing you one way to wash raw fleeces just after shearing.  Posted 26 July 2015
  14. Harris Tweed returns to Uig in the Hebrides – information about Harris Tweed.   Posted on 18 August 2015
  15. Winding Yarn into balls by hand – with or without a Nostepinne – tutorial – Posted on 31 August 2015
  16. How to Make an e-reader Cover – a simple free pattern – Posted on 18 September 2015
  17. Some pictures of Silk Worms making Silk – gives you an understanding about silk – Posted on 28 September 2015
  18. Make Your Own Silk Paper – The Ironing Method – tutorial – Posted on 27 October 2015

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