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I sell in the UK and WORLDWIDE


I sell on etsy, ebay and folksy

and you can find the links to these shops

beneath my photograph to the right of this text

 below is a form for you to fill in if you would like to join my direct mailing list – if you join from this page you will also receive a free gift with your first order!


join my mailing list 

The offer is that every person, who joins my mailing list from this site,  will get a free gift added to their 1st order – its a lucky dip, but I will try to judge what you might like, from the information you give below, and enclose it when I send your stuff.   This will apply to everyone who joins, whenever they order, should you be UK based or overseas.  The secret words to add to your order are, of course – free gift!  I will check first that you are on the list and joined from this site – so no cheating!

My mailing list is totally private, no one else sees it but me, and I promise that I will not sell it or share it with any company.

Being on the mailing list is not the same as following this blog.

My mailing list is used to send out what I call News from Julz direct mailings to let customers know when I have new stock in, discuss  relevant issues, and to tell you about any special offers, which are only available to those on the mailing list.

When someone buys something from me on etsy, ebay, folksy (see links directly undrneath my photograph on the right hand side) or they make a direct purchase, I routinely add them to the mailing list.  However there is no way to explain this to them on every listing, so I always give people the option to request to be REMOVED, and I always honour that request.

I normally only keep email addresses, and don’t even record their purchases!  Pretty amateur eh!  I still haven’t perfected a format, and as I will never use a mailing list company.  Sometimes I copy a page from this blog, sometimes I use the limited options of the email ‘picture’ templates, sometimes I just write an email  – but each time the heading will be Newz from Julz.

I am explaining this here, because I am asking a little more from you, when you fill in this form.

It would be useful to know what your interests are, what crafts you enjoy, and even what you might like to buy.  For a general idea of what I stock, please see my About Julz page, or scroll through the SHOP TALK category, which you will find on the right hand side under “subjects I write about”.

The stock is always changing. I try to buy in special offer items so that I can give you a bargain as well as ‘the usual’ which can vary, depending of what my suppliers are up to!

I would appreciate it if you would use the ‘comments’ box to tell me all the crafts that you are interested in, what you are looking for, and there is a separate box for you to tell me if there is something particular you are looking for, so I can either point you to the listing, or think about buying it in for you.

Its nice to know who my customers are, past, present and future – if you are already on the mailing list and want to fill in your interests – feel free!  ADD  ‘free gift’ to your next order and I’ll send you one!

Thanks for your time!

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