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This is the ARCHIVE of all the SHOW & TELL POSTS, and will be updated as new ones are published.  For more information about contributing to this Archive, please see the bottom of this page.

When I got an ‘annual report’ from wordpress at the end of 2014, on this site, the most visited pages were the SHOW & TELL FEATURES – especially the one on  DECORATING KROMSKI’S FANTASIA SPINNING WHEEL.   

I love the idea that something posted in May 2013 is still getting visitors and inspiring others. (In fact I got a request for the contact details from a Spinning Magazine, and the last I heard was that an article was about to be published which included Christine’s work!)


This site is intended as a resource for craftspeople

of all kinds, so please join in!


APOLOGIES: I keep meaning to update this archive – but haven’t got round to it yet – there are some more ‘show & tell’ posts that have been published since 2015!  To see them please click on “subjects I write about, and then ‘show & tell’.



The list below is not as long as I’d like it to be and hopefully I will be adding more  new posts soon:

A very pretty spring wreath by Ron of

A very pretty spring wreath by Ron of

5/2015  Some thoughts on a Gallery of Your Work: posted on 10 June 2015

With a link to the Gallery published on 31 May this is a muse on how to make the idea work – I came to the conclusion that I would keep the idea running, and asked you to continue to send in pictures of your work at any time, and I would put together new Galleries whenever I have enough pictures to make a Gallery Display – smile.

Further information on what kind of work and how to contribute are also  discussed – things may change – but please check this listing out before sending photos.


Gills Shawl4/2015  A Gallery of Your Work– a sample listing posted on 3 May 2015

An open invitation to all customers and readers of this blog, to send in a photo of your work so I can put it up on a gallery that will hopefully      inspire others – smile

3/2015  Lori’s Favourite Quilt : posted 23 March 2015Image 11 - Version 2

current fair isle knitting from the shetland collection

current fair isle knitting from the shetland collection

 2/2015 Fair Isle Knitting – a radio 4 programme for you to listen to + more knitting   info, posted on 24 February 2015

finished-a-on-couch 1/2015  A Weaver’s Tale:  Posted on 31/01/2015

 with kind permission of Judith StClaire

how she rescued a disastrous weaving project!


These are show & tells PUBLISHED before 2015, when I set up the ARCHIVE

felted soap blog


November 2012 – NB: Most of the links on this page are out of date, as are the prices and postage rates, and even worse the original instruction link seems to have disappeared so, click here for very simple instructions for children as well as adults.

decorated fantasia spinning wheel

decorated fantasia spinning wheel



This is the one I mentioned at the top of this page.








June 2013

Rosemary is part of an Elizabethan re-enactment group – and is in costume!

NB: the links on this page are also out of date, but you can still find the amber nuggets mentioned on most of my sites, if in doubt, use the contact me form to check where the current listings are!



some of her nuno felting work (May 2013)

NB:  any interesting craft project, of any type, including spinning, weaving, felting, sewing, knitting, quilting, woodwork, stained glass etc etc is welcome, and I’d especially like to feature people who are learning and want to share their first projects.  This is open to anyone who happens to read my blog, whether you are one of my customers or not!

There is no time limit on this – just send me something any time you feel like – please use the form on the CONTACT ME page, to let me know what your project is about and I will reply to your email, so you can send in some pictures.


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  1. well thank you ma’am – looked you up – you are welcome! I do sell worldwide so if ever you really do see something you want to buy, please follow the link to it – smile – on the other hand, as you are a writer, I presume that you were just having fun with words – smile


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