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ROSEMARY not only spins at home, but is part of a Tudor re-enactment group – which I found out about by chance when she sent me a message thro’ ebay, asking for fast delivery, so that she could use them in her display last weekend.

“By the way the amber and carders will be used next weekend when we are doing some spinning etc. demos in Elizabethan dress. I put the amber inside replica pomanders (pomander actually means in French an apple of amber).”



“As promised here I am in two different guises spinning and using your tops. In fact can you see the necklace have on when I am an Elizabethan that’s a pomander and it is full of your amber.”

Thanks very much Rosemary for sending the photos so quickly – the Elizabethan costume looks very comfortable!  Feel free to leave a comment for Rosemary in the comment box (at the end of the blog)

You can find the amber resin she mentions HERE on ebay, or HERE for etsy customers – you can use it as a solid perfume to rub on your wrists, or put it a pomander as Rosemary has. It is a totally natural product and has a warm exotic fragrance.  If you look through my other listings on these sites, you will find merino wool tops for spinning as well as other related items.

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I will publish all contributions, and please don’t worry if you are just starting up, its just nice to see what people are doing!

Currently, the opportunity will be open until the END OF JUNE, altho I am always happy to see what my customers are doing, and will have other SHOW & TELL SESSIONS , so please send in photos of your work at any time to julz@julzweaving.plus.com.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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