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Some Novelty Soaps for you, at sale prices!


 Scented Picture Soaps have been popular for a while

dancing dolphins- sea breeze

dancing dolphins- sea breeze

I used to sell them on ebay, but the postage made selling just one slice unecnomic, as in the UK, they cost £3.50 each to post.  Hand cut into individual slices, they are just slightly too thick to go as large letters, which would have cost about £1.50!

So I stopped selling them, and now have some stock left over, and I thought I’d try reducing the prices – they sold for £2.99 a slice – and offer them to anyone who happens on them here – smile!

 so, the deal is …..

Any order in the UK, will be posted for £3.50.  The small parcel rate is now the same for any parcel of a certain size weighing up to 2 Kg, so lets take advantage of it.

For International Sales: I will need to estimate the weight of your order and then give you the price of postage to whichever country you live in.  If the postage looks too expensive to you, then you are welcome to either change your order, or cancel it.

Each slice of soap will cost £1.65

– and you can choose as many or as few as you like – this price is for direct sales by Paypal only.

To order, please fill in the form on the Contact Me page –  and I will send you a Paypal invoice for your total order, including P&P to wherever you live.

Once you have paid – and you will be covered by the normal Paypal guarantees – I will post your order, and let you know by email that I have sent it, so you know when to expect it.

When listing the soaps you want, please list them by their image names which you can see by hovering over the image, and list the number you want of each, add any of the extras, (below the soaps) , and please make sure you give me your full name, your address and the email address you use for Paypal purchases.

You may cancel your order or amend it at any time, before payment.  However, if you cancel it after payment I will charge you £2.50 – deducted from the total – to cover my time, and Paypal fees.

If you want any further information, please send me a message via the Contact Me form.

first come – first served!

There is a limited stock of these, and obviously they may run out – I will let you know before creating an invoice, if anything you have ordered has run out!  Each soap is scented with the natural oils used by professional aromatherapists.






Welcome to 2015!

NB:  This week I am following a “blogging101” online course to learn how to blog more effectively.  
Please bear with me while I do my daily assignments, I obviously don’t usually write daily posts and if you are fed up with them – don’t read them – smile!  On the other hand, you might like to comment and let me know how I’m doing!


Today’s assignment is “Introducing Yourself” – so here goes ….

Firstly, you can actually find a fair bit about me by looking at the “About Julz” page, (see the link at the top of this page) which I have written to give my usual customers an idea of who they are buying from.  Today, I thought I’d write something completely different!

Tilly, my 6 month old "kitten" in the garden

Tilly, my 6 month old “kitten” in the garden

So let’s start off with a pretty picture – not its not me!

One of the things I have difficulty with these blogs is how to arrange my pictures to fit in with the text.  I’ve just had to delete that picture and add it again, so it goes in the right place! (I hope)

This is Tilly.  She was a farm kitten who I fell in love with, and asked if I could have her – the family were happy to give her to me because they had too many cats already, but because she was virtually feral, it took ages to catch her, and she jumped out of the box several times!  I was worried that she’d get loose in the car when I drove her home, but luckily she settled down, the drone of the engine and the awful music I was playing probably helped.

She wasn’t used to being handled, and scratched like mad when I tried to pick her up.  Obviously, she was frightened.  As soon as I got her home, I decided I’d have to shut her in,  to make sure she didn’t run away immediately.  I chose the bedroom, and had to keep her in the box while I prepared a food tray, and the other kind of tray for her.  Just as well I did, cos she immediately ran under the bed, where I couldn’t reach her, and didn’t even touch the food until I’d left the room to give her time to settle down and explore in her own time.  And of course, she didn’t know what the litter tray was for, so later on I have to clean up after her!  I was actually feeling guilty for taking her away from her ‘family’, her mother and the rest of the kittens, and thought maybe I’d done the wrong thing.  However, she was 16 weeks old, so she was weaned, and was old enough to leave the farm.

Well three months on, I’m so glad I got her, and I think, so is she – she’s sitting on the bed as I type,  and has happily explored the garden, made friends with the chickens, well not friends, but they all have a healthy disregard for each other. The chickens chase her away if she tries to eat their food!  She even comes in when she’s called – tho she does love to play the game of going out again just to make me open the door and look for her!

I can’t use a cat flap yet cos I’m still not sure she wouldn’t wander too far and get lost, as the garden backs onto the hillside of the valley I live in.  Its an ex-mining area of South Wales, UK, and although the mines are now gone, when I first came here, 30 years ago, it was common to see men looking like they’d put Khol around their eyes – the coal dust was difficult to wash off!  The miners strikes of 1985 and Maggie Thatcher finished all that.  Just for info, these are two of the postcards I published about the miners strike.

1985 miners strike - sign for the food distribution centre - people contributed because by that time the strike had gone in so long that they literally couldn't afford to feed their families.  I thought is was amusing that the bin was just next to it!

1985 miners strike – sign for the food distribution centre – people contributed because by that time the strike had gone in so long that they literally couldn’t afford to feed their families. I thought is was amusing that the bin was just next to it!

The "ALAMO" picket shelter  - so named because it was the miners "last stand"

The “ALAMO” picket shelter – so named because it was the miners “last stand”

That’s all for today, hope you liked it!  Oh, and if you want to see what I sell, just click on any of the “personal links” underneath my photo on the right hand side of this blog.

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