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Happy 4th July to all my customers & friends in the USA – smile


july-4-2011 (4) Its the 4th July here in the UK – I’m writing this around 8 am, so in fact I’m a bit early for you in the USA, time differences etc – smile.

We always get something on the news about your Independence Day Celebrations, and I know there are loads of local displays and parades – I lived in New York for about a year – so long ago now – but I remember watching the parade then – it was stupendous!

Back in the UK, we’ve been having a heatwave and it has been like a real summer – oh sorry a real summer is lots of rain normally – and as it happens, its raining now – there were some thunderstorms around the country last night, but if there was one in my area, I was asleep at the time – smile.

I’m planning on going to a local open air craft fair today, and as its near the sea, maybe I’ll go for a dip – that is if the craft fair is still on, it may rain all day, or it may clear up in an hour or so – that’s what its usually like here.  Not sure if they’ll be a marquee to shelter in……

Shall I shan’t I?   All the myriads of activities that villages all over the country run during the British Summer. suffer from this syndrome.  Nobody knows until the day, and even the hour, whether they are going to go there or not.  Pity all the craftspeople who are waiting around to see if they turn up – their livelihood depends on selling at this fair – or agricultural show etc.  I know, I used to run some local craft fairs!

Well, I’m on an unofficial holiday today – and I’m going to the craft fair and the sea, whether it rains or not!

And depending on what the weather is like for the next month or two, I’m gonna make ad hoc plans to have days or week ends away – so apologies in advance – if I don’t get back to you immediately – whether its about your order or a comment you have left on the blog.

I am still open for business however, so keep checking my sites, there are still new items of stock to be listed – smile.

Have fun this summer, wherever you are, and especially to those of you celebrating July 4th – ENJOY!

AND – if you are running an event – any day – anywhere – I’ll be happy to add it to my new CRAFT EVENTS PAGE.  Check it out and send me the details! (If you don’t have my email address, you can use the form on the CONTACT ME PAGE.

Diary of Craft Events


I keep asking people when various craft shows, trade events or group shows are happening, and then forget all about them!


I thought I might as well create a permanent page – which appears at the top of the blog – that you can access any time without needing to search for it, or for the websites.

I have only added the ones I know about in the UK so far – but this is an International blog – so please let me know of any events in your neck of the woods – wherever you are – and I will add them to the list.

Have a look at the craft events page, and please send me the information, with a logo or picture if possible, that will fit the format I have used.  If there isn’t a website, then please add the contact email address of the organiser, as long as you have their permission!

Oh yes, and when I said CRAFT EVENTS – THAT MEANS ALL CRAFTS – not just the woolly ones – smile!


This page is intended to be a

Diary of Craft Events – large and small

please feel free to add an event you are running, or like going to – any time – anywhere!

You can either leave me a comment at the end of this page,

or use the form on my contact me page.

This is just to show you approx what it looks like – more info on the full page!





http://properwoolly.co.uk 30-31 May Holsworthy Livestock Market,  Devon….UK An event to bring together fibre crafters and producers in the South West.
http://www.woolfest.co.uk Friday 26 June and Saturday 27 June Cockermouth, Cumbria….UK Woolfest was founded to provide a showcase and a celebration of the best of wool and wool crafts.