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incense – natural tree resins

nuggets of amber resin

nuggets of amber resin

As well as my collection of yarns and fibres for spinners and weavers, and general craft supplies, I have always sold a selection gift items that catch my attention, because they are unusual, useful or look/smell nice!

The natural tree resins come under that category.  They are the purest form of the incense, collected usually directly from the sap of the tree, and as such have very complex organic aromas when burnt.  They can also be combined with each other to produce your own choice of aroma, or to form part of a perfume.

I initially bought the amber resin to burn as an incense, it is used in temples and mosques in burners, and is one of the most expensive resins – especially this one, which is sourced in India.  As it happens, I bulk bought this at the beginning of last year, and then, because of illness, all my stock just languished until I re-started selling in October!

For some reason, and no one has been able to tell me why, the supply from India has dried up, and I seem to be the last person to have some of this!  People are buying it from Morocco at the moment, but its nothing like the Indian sourced tree resin.

Quite by chance, I found that you could just rub the side of one of these nuggets on your wrists or the usual perfume points and the perfume stayed with you all day – it has always been used as an ingredient for perfumes anyway!  Even in its solid form, you can put it in a muslim bag, and hang it up in the room or wardrobe, and the complex fruity/musky scent will just colour the area nearby – and the nuggets seem to last forever.

I’m on my last pack of these just now, and if I can’t find more of it, I’m not sure if I’ll bother to buy the Moroccan resin, because I have been spoilt!  It has also been very popular with my customers – but I don’t get many repeat orders, because it lasts so long!  You can see my listings, which give even more information about the resin and how to use it – here on ebay, and here on etsy.  A nugget is £4.95 – the etsy listing includes a small organza bag that can be hung in wardrobes etc.

other natural tree resins

set of 6 natural tree resins with burner

set of 6 natural tree resins with burner

I will come back to these another day, but if you want to sample some of the best of them, I have put together a set with a burner – that you can find here on ebay, and here on etsy.  The listings explain how to burn them safely!