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Well, I went in to hospital the day before my scheduled op, put my dog in kennels, rushed to get a tooth I broke that morning seen to by the dentist, stayed overnight, to make sure I didn’t eat the night before the operation, was seen by various professionals and told my op would be around 11 am……..and then the consultant came steaming in, and cancelled my operation……..there is a long and personal story behind this, and just at the moment, I don’t feel like sharing it, but it involved the fact that I keep chickens, and that the arrangements I made for post op care had broken down…..AND that my doctors couldn’t be bothered to help, and that a nurse put the wrong info on my record etc etc……

SO…..as I started this series of blogs to warn customers that I would be out of action for a while, and I’d taken down most of my listings on ebay & etsy …….and this saga has been going on for a while – see BEST MADE PLANS – I thought I’d write a quick post to let you know that…….IT’S BACK TO NORMAL, and unless notified otherwise, it will be BUSINESS AS USUAL!

So if there’s anything you want, please take a look at my ebay page and my etsy shop, and if its not there get in touch with me at  julz@julzweaving.plus.com


yet another change of plan……


In the last newsletter/blog I was getting organised for my knee replacement op – I didn’t want to disappoint my customers by not being able to supply you for a couple of weeks whilst I was in hospital, and post op, when I wouldn’t be able to get around properly …….. and then I get notification of a change of date!

Currently, (and I now can only say this is the latest news, and it may change once again,) the op is now scheduled for 19 October, a month later than expected……I do love and appreciate the NHS, and hate the threats its under courtesy of our current government, but just at the moment, it’s making it rather difficult to plan ……..

However, unless you see a notice on my listings that I am away and will not be able to post orders for a while – its BUSINESS AS USUAL!

If you read the last post, you will know that I was about to put in a new order to Kromski in Poland for more stock, but as their delivery times are erratic, I thought it best to wait until after the op, and that still applies – however, I would still like to know what items you would like me to add to the order when it finally goes in……..so please get in touch if you know you want a specific loom, spinning wheel or anything else.  You can get info from the kromski website here.

In the meantime, I still have a number of the 24″ rigid heddle looms in stock and these are currently being advertised on ebay, with the carrying bag,  for  £159 + £13 postage – The loom is pictured in the last blog and to see the full details, please click here

CLUB members – or anyone who reads this blog – may buy the loom & bag direct from me POST FREE (UK BUYERS ONLY)

To buy direct, please email me at julz@julzweaving.plus.com with your order – don’t forget to give me your name & address & paypal email address –  and I will send you a paypal invoice, and promise to send you your loom within a day or two of receipt of payment.

If you want to pay by cheque, I will have to wait until the cheque clears – please just contact me to make the arrangements.

I will have a think about other special CLUB OFFERS to post – in time for pre Christmas buying…..and please let me know if there are any other items you would like to see on my etsy shop – etsy.com/shop/julzcraftsupplies.

I have set up a new page as a CLUB NOTICEBOARD.  One or two members have said they’d like to use this service, to ask for help and advice as well as selling fleeces, advertising events etc, but have not yet got back to me with full details…….you’re all welcome to use this service – as my customers are not only in the UK, but worldwide – notices can be  international.

PS – If you liked the look of the mini cards I attach to your receipts and would like to get some of your own business cards printed by the same firm – just click on the box below!  Be warned that it can be a bit complicated to design them – the last set I did took me ages – but that was because I uploaded loads of pictures to put on the backs!  For international customers – they deliver worldwide and are pretty cheap to use…..enuf of the plugs – I also get commission from any orders you put in……..smile.

All the best