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The Kromski stock has finally arrived!


you might remember,

well I had to look back on this blog to see how long ago I promised that I was putting in an order to Kromski, as I had totally run out of all their products…..there was a reason I hadn’t re-ordered sooner, and it soon became all too obvious that nothing much had changed….

The Kromski looms and spinning wheels, and all their accessories, are brilliant – well made and reasonably priced – BUT – their customer service is abominable!  Emails go unanswered, I was told off for changing the order, and had to wait for weeks to get an estimate of the cost of postage from Poland – and then finally, with no warning, I get a “sorry we missed you” card thro the door from a courier who is going to charge me to redeliver!

So, whilst I apologise to all the customers who had put deposits on items, and were kept waiting for them for so long – I’m afraid it was really “OUT OF MY HANDS”!

However, all your orders are now in the post, and the new stock I bought is now listed on my ebay page and my etsy shop ( click on the highlighted words to go to the sites).

kromski's rigid heddle table loom

kromski’s rigid heddle table loom

I have got some more 24″ Harp Rigid Heddle Looms , together with accessories – extra heddles, shuttles, pick up sticks and warping sticks, as well as niddy noddies, drop spindles, nostepinnes etc.  Unfortunately, the delivery came just as there was a huge hike in the euro exchange rate, so I have had to put up the prices slightly.

However, as everyone on the mailing list for this blog, is a previous customer, and enrolled into the Members Club – should you wish to buy direct – and avoid the selling fees I have to add onto the prices, please contact me at julz@julzweaving.plus.com  and I will be able to give you a discount.

This offer applies to orders over £30, as the benefit is minimal for smaller orders.  If you want the discount, please DO NOT BUY on the sites, as once you have pressed BUY, the order will have gone through!

PLEASE DO REMEMBER that I will always combine postage if you buy multiple items on EBAY – any parcel that weighs under 750 gm will be posted for £2.50 (2nd class) or £3.50 (1st class) in the UK – IF YOU ASK FOR A REVISED INVOICE!  The system is slightly different on ETSY, and I have to create a “special listing” for you if you want to combine orders and get a better postage rate.  I will also always give the best postage rate FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS.

IF YOU WANT TO BUY ITEMS FROM BOTH SITES (as not all the items are repeated on both sites) – PLEASE ALSO CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU BUY – and I will work out the best, and cheapest,  way for you to get what you need!

Notwithstanding the rant at the top of this blog – if you see an item on the Kromski website that I haven’t got in stock, please get in touch for prices and IF POSSIBLE (!) – I will order it in for you – smile!

All the best

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