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X is for Xtra, Xtra – read all about it!


XThis is the newz according to Julz!

Readers of this blog may have noticed I have a campaigning streak – I’m not sure what you think about it, but its in my genes!  When I was doing blogging101 in January, we were asked to pick a prompt, and write a post around it.

I chose “Never Surrender, and I wrote about my Dad.  You are welcome to click on the link and read it.  At the time I was feeling a little awkward about publishing a series of posts about the “cock ups” the Royal Mail were, and still are, making – and wasn’t sure whether I should keep them up.  Writing that post convinced me I should, however silly it made me look – smile.

I thought I would use this last week of the A-Z Challenge to write an update of the results – or not – of my little personal campaigns.

me messing around with a picture of postboxes

messing around with a picture of modern postboxes

I am vehemently against the privatisation of Royal Mail – as are may other people who rely on it.  Shares were offered at the end of 2013 and the price was far too low, which resulted in the ‘company’ ending up in the hand of the money men, who are simply interested in reselling them for a quick profit,  and not interested in providing a good service for their customers!

The public service had served us well since 1840, when the first postage stamps were issued – costing just one penny.  They are worth a lot more now!

Privatisation and the need to make a profit, has resulted in the loss of previously stable jobs, and a very unhappy staff.  Worse, the people now running it, have never worked within the system, but have been drafted in from other industries, so they know nothing about its traditions and how to make workable changes.  They have messed around with the pricing structure for the last couple of years, and made major mistakes.

close up of notice - last collection on saturday - 7 am, weekdays - 9 am!

close up of notice – last collection on saturday – 7 am, weekdays – 9 am!

It was a silly thing that got me started on this complaint!

I went to my nearest post box, to post some small orders, one Saturday morning at around 8 am, only to find that, without prior warning, there was a notice saying that the only collection on Saturdays would be at 7 am – ie I’d missed it!  Saturday collections have been at noon for EVER!

Worse, as I was on my way to Asda, and passed another post box, I stopped to look at the notice there, and it still said 12 noon, and the post box at Asda said 9.15am!  Even the guy who runs the local Post Office knew nothing about the change when I asked him!

There followed a series of encounters with Head Office, who were as obfuscating as they could be, and with the local Sorting Office, where I got laughed at.

Even sillier, I finally found out that the notices had been put up but the changes hadn’t happened yet!  

You can follow the series of posts I wrote HERE if you can be bothered to – its a long read – smile. (You will have to scroll down to the bottom to see the first one, and then scroll upwards for the next instalment!

Although nothing specific came out of the fuss I made, a new sticker is to be seen on all the local post boxes, giving the phone number for any queries the public would like to make about collections etc.  I was very heartened to hear a whole section on complaints from all around the country about the change in collection times from rural postboxes,   on Radio 4’s programme, You & Yours, this week.  Whether much will happen after that exposure remains to be seen.

I still don’t know for sure when the collections are, and whether the changes have yet been put into effect- I wonder if they’d tell me if I phoned up the number on the sticker!

cropped-3vert-dry-stone-wall-version-2.jpg In January, I also wrote a post about the new VAT MOSS scheme, which seems to have been introduced to force large companies, like Amazon, to pay their fair share of tax, but is instead making it more difficult for small businesses, and especially craftspeople, to trade.  There have been various petitions, to the European Union, whose legislation this is, and to member country parliaments, but as far as I can tell, no one has done anything to change the scheme.  My plan to open a separate shop on etsy selling digital downloads of my old photographs is still on hold.

the large bin was replaced by the small bin

the large bin was replaced by the small bin

In February, the local council came and changed our large wheelie bins for small ones, apparently in an effort to get us to recycle more.

I was curious as to how much the new bins had cost and whether the old bins had been usefully recycled, so I asked them.

I did eventually get some answers, but did not pursue the issue to the bitter end – it was enough to be able to show that people all over the world had read my blogs about this.

The Council Officials were prepared for some criticism on this policy, but they do not yet have a culture of recognising that freedom of information means transparency and accountability.  It would be nice if they got into the habit or publishing information like this without having to be cajoled into doing so!

Still they have come a long way from the petty officialdom that WAS once the prevailing culture – and unfortunately still is in many parts  of the world.  If I lived in India, China or Russia, to name but a few of the countries that abound with petty corruption – I might have found myself in prison just for asking those questions, or at the very least, would think nothing of having to pay a bribe to a local official to get my rubbish collected at all!

You can read the sequence of posts here.

photo of Matt Mullenweg, taken in 2014 (found on his website)

photo of Matt Mullenweg, taken in 2014 (found on his website)

My most recent campaign has stalled.

Ironically, its about WordPress and the changes they have made, and they seem to be the least open to discussion – or, if you like, on a par with the Royal Mail!

It would seem that Matt, who is a co-founder of WordPress thought it would be nice to be able to post short blogs from his mobile, so he wrote a program for it.

He thinks we all should use it – whether we are posting from our computers, i-pads or phones – but it doesn’t work!  I call it Edit Lite. See my postTest on Chrome“.

I spend a great deal of time formatting my posts, so that they are readable, and was finding that when I went back to edit them, the formatting got screwed up.

I was most upset to find this had happened to the last post of the Big Bin Swap series – see above – just at the time I had sent out invitations to the ‘Big Wigs’ from all the Local Councils to read it!

I have fixed it now, so the only thing wrong with it is that a paragraph in the middle has been squashed up.  I purposely haven’t been back to do that on the ‘Test on Chrome’.

I have tried contacting Matt – but he’s unreachable.  I put up a couple of posts, trying to get his attention – see “Message to Matt – 1 & 2“, but answer was there none, not even thro’ the very helpful Happiness Engineer – still makes me laugh, that title!

What she has told me is that they haven’t been able to fix it yet!  Edit Lite is the culprit, and we are being steered towards using it, whether we have up-to-date mobile phones or not!  I’m one of those who doesn’t!

The Classic Editor is now almost impossible to find.  However, I have followed the advice the ‘HE’ gave me, and returned to the Blog Post Page every time, religiously, where Classic Editor can be found by clicking “Add New” at the top of the page, and if I want to edit a post, I do it in that page – and have not had any real problems since!

I am steering well clear of any contact with Edit Lite – it has caused me too much grief!

I am not the only one who has had problems with this, and there are various forums and groups out there that I found when I was trying to get answers, who are extremely angry about the changes that are being made.

AND – it occurs to me that WordPress, of all organisations, should be listening to their customers, and be concerned about how the platform they provide performs.

The internets’ greatest strength is that it allows FREE SPEECH, and has been an important tool for the implementation of those ideals – its a shame to find WordPress, inadvertently perhaps,  acting in a similar fashion to those old fashioned, all powerful dictators!



message to matt mullenweg: Part 2


This is a continuation of my previous post https://julzcrafts.com/2015/03/31/message-to-matt-mullenweg-co-founder-of-wordpress/

I have made sure this time that I didn’t copy the title off my original post and hope that I can manage to keep the format readable!

photo of Matt Mullenweg, taken in 2014 (found on his website)

photo of Matt Mullenweg, taken in 2014 (found on his website)

To continue – and I will try and be as brief as possible, altho that may not be possible – I went looking for someone to tell about the formatting problems I have been having.  If you start off in ‘classic editing mode’, and once you have saved and previewed your post, you do not check that you have got back to classic editing mode, the system automatically transfers you to “edit lite” which may not be a problem at first, but has certainly been extremely problematic if you need to go back to that already published post to edit something or add some new information.  See my post “test on chrome”

Now the “Happiness Engineers” (HE from now on), have been as helpful as they can be, but are loathe to take this to anyone who needs to know – the formatting problem eventually has been referred to the technical crew, but the other stuff mentioned in my last attempt to tell you about this, was not, and no explanation of why it happened was ever forthcoming.


So MATT – I thought you ought to know, because it seems it was you that have designed “edit lite”

and have proudly displayed it on one of the posts about themes etc on wordpress.com.  The idea of creating a fast and easy editing mode is fine – but why take away our choices.  You are now presented with “edit lite” when you start any post and classic mode cannot be found anywhere.  OK the HE’s now told me how to get back to it and stay in it – see: “test on chrome” but why should I have to ASK them how to do it.

I left you two comments on your website Matt –



March 26, 2015 at 8:34 pm


Your comment is awaiting moderation.


hi Matt – sorry to barge in here, but it seems that its the only place to get to you – if you are not still involved in WordPress, apologies, but I think someone should tell you that they are making a mess of it at the moment and there are a lot of angry people around.

we don’t like edit lite

we don’t like being forced to use it

we don’t like the classic editor being hidden from us and only available by tricks

and I don’t like my posts being mangled!


if I have the right person – found your site on wikipedia – then please do something about it

and please reply to me, even if you prefer not to post his message





March 29, 2015 at 6:15 pm


Your comment is awaiting moderation.


I actually watched this video, all the way thro, waiting for something stunningly different from everything I’ve already heard – the comic approach was it.

It always amazes me that the US is so behind the rest of the world with the idea of conserving our assets. Even in a small place in Wales, the Council have put in place new measures to encourage recycling – see


you will also see that I didn’t agree with the sneaky way they replaced the bins, so I called them out on it. The follow up blog, can be reached thro the one above, and undortunately it suffered from some problems with the new editing system.

I left a message for you Matt about this – could you please answer this, or I may find I have to use the same tactics – smile



The first one has disappeared, but I did get an automatic email giving me access to that post only, the second one is still awaiting moderation at present.

I did think of sending you an email, but there is a note on the contact page that lists how many hundreds of emails you have in your pending file, so thats a “no brainer”

I also asked the HE, when I was asked to note every action I took when writing posts from now on,

(I don’t think I’ll bother with this one – its written using my default Safari Browser and I am making sure I am using the Classic Mode, as per instructions)

to pass on the comments below – think this might be a faster way to do it – or perhaps you won’t even see THESE MESSAGES!

dr-seuss_be-who-you-are “Whilst that may be ‘my fault’ I doubt if I’d be the only one not to think of using the toggle – and polls & forms are NOT included – what someone in wordpress hasn’t understood is the 1st rule of business


most of the bloggers have not done the 101 course and are hesitant about using the formats, and there is NOTHING that I saw that said – you may choose to write your post on this edit sheet, which gives you less options – or whatever gloss you want to give it – or you can choose these other sheets which will do this – but maybe are not as “easy” to use.

If you get presented with something, you take it at face value – I just assumed you’d stopped people using the classic one for some silly reason only known to your designers – and in the mood I was already in, it made me angry!

The instructions for choosing what format to use should be on each edit page, every time, so people can make their own choices, and for people who didn’t even know about the variations – which I didn’t at first.

I knew you were changing things round, as there IS a prompt to use the simpler version on the classic one, but there isn’t anything on the simpler version to allow you to switch to classic.

Its just a lack of thinking by your design team, but its caused me a load of trouble – and I have no intention of going back to that post and correcting all my assumptions – they were honest ones.

If you want to do it, that’s fine – you are welcome to comment as well as anyone else.

I would suggest that you also put a link on each of these pages, to full instructions on how to use them – then maybe I would have seen the ‘obvious’!

And why is there not an email notification to EVERY wordpress blogger to tell them of the changes you are making – why hide the fact that you are making changes – it only confuses people when something they are happy using, suddenly disappears.

I always say, if someone doesn’t answer a question – they have something to hide.

Neath Port Talbot didn’t answer me questions first time round – if they had, I would never have published that post – and it has embarrassed them -which they deserved, because they tried hiding stuff. I know I didn’t get all the answers, but I have suggested they set up a page on the website that gives that kind of information, so everyone can see it.

Its actually good PR if you admit to having some problems – smile!

thanks for taking up my suggestion that you contact people who have left comments on the blog about their problems – I have left new replies to everyone who commented to alert them to the update, and on the two that you told me you contacted, have acknowledged that you are being pro -active – so I’m not always critical! smile

nuff for now – If you keep this thread open, I will come back to you when I next blog to tell you what is going on – good or bad!


message to matt mullenweg: co-founder of wordpress

photo of Matt Mullenweg, taken in 2014 (found on his website)

photo of Matt Mullenweg, taken in 2014 , which I found on his website

For those of you who have never heard of Matt Mullenweg – and I hadn’t until I went looking for the Head of WordPress  – I found him on Wikipedia, and it says there that he co-founded WordPress not long after he ‘got out of college’.

“It was first released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg[1] and Mike Little

I was a bit confused about whether he was the best person to write to, but

 “WordPress is closely associated with Automattic, the company founded by Matt Mullenweg”

which, ‘by chance’ is also responsible for some of the names I have learnt since doing the blogging101 course, that we have been encouraged to use – like ……



WordPress.com VIP


The reason I went looking for someone to talk to is because I seem to have been blighted by various problems with WordPress, which the “Happiness Engineers” say, seem to only have happened to me, but when I published are my/your comments stuck in spam?     and good news – it seems the glitch has been fixed and I can now leave comments again!   and

test on chrome: problems with formatting on wordpress  

I found that others were also having problems, but like me, when they first occurred thought it was me not understand how to use WordPress, and didn’t tell anyone about them.

Before I go any further, I must apologise for a huge ‘mistake’ I made when writing “test on chrome”, but it was an honest mistake, and I think, I can be forgiven for it, because by that time I was prepared to see the very worst in what I still insist on calling “edit lite”.

 The very helpful “HE” that answered the topic I put up on the support forum, did point out to me, some days after I had published it, that if I had only used the toggle button on the one row of editing tools shown, I would have found most of the usual elements!  IT WOULD HAVE SAVED ME A LOT OF TIME AND BOTHER WHEN I FORMATTED THAT POST!

wrongOh dear,  I seem to have found another glitch – all the above was written in the same setting as the paragraphs at the top of this post! After I had copied the title of one of the above posts, and try as I might, I can’t get out of this ridiculously large font!

Will continue this in another post – called

message to matt mullenweg: Part 2

test on chrome: problems with formatting on wordpress


call for helpFor your information – the formatting HAS CHANGED since I first published this – you can see what the original looked like by scrolling down and stopping near the Harsh Reality logo!

this is a test to see what happens when I publish and then edit a page.  I have switched to chrome to see if it makes any difference.  The editing page that has opened is a basic one, without the facility for forms or polls, or other options which I may want to use. And again there is no way for me to change to the classic editing page that includes these facilities. The reason I am doing this is that for some strange reason, when I put a post up, that is carefully formatted to be readable, and then find I need to add something to it, as soon as I have updated it, when working in safari, it loses all the original formatting, and can end up being unreadable. The worst example of this is my post on the update to my post on the BIG BIN SWAP – which you will find here. This does not happen every time, but when it does, its almost impossible to get the original formatting back, and even when I add lines to space the text, they don’t get included in the finished published post. I have also had other problems with wordpress – for some weeks my comments on other people’s sites never appeared.


please click on this cartoon – it will take you to my other site – “the spare”, where the last post I put up was also mangled! The post is an invitation for anyone from anywhere to join my networking page “your spare” and ADD your links!

At first I assumed that people didn’t check their comments very often, or that they didn’t ‘approve’ my comments for some reason, tho’ they were just friendly comments about the points of interest in their blogs.  Then it turned out that a lot of my comments had gone into people’s spam folders, and I am still getting “likes” from comments I left weeks ago – when someone has obviously come across them in their spam folder. I have just added the cartoon on the left.  When I first added it, it distorted the text block, but it has settled down, now I have tried putting it in the centre of the text, on the right of the text, and now where I originally placed it, on the left of the text. i just added the link to the site that is badly mangled above, and suddenly noticed that there is no option to change the size of the text or its colour on this editing page!  WHY/HOW??   THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS!    I was assuming the slimmed down edit page was perhaps for FREE sites, but I have paid for an update on this site! I am trying to think of other ways I can test whether the formatting is going to stay put.  I think I will publish this now, and then come back to it later to see what happens. ***************** Back a few minutes later – only to say that this post is not malicious in intent. The “Happiness Engineer” – yes that’s really what they call the support staff – suggested that I tried switching browsers so I could test out this problem, and she could have a look at it. Image 11 - Version 2It is not something I wanted to publish today, especially when the last post is a really interesting one with loads of lovely colourful quilts on it – so do please scroll down and have a look at it. I daren’t try and edit it for any reason, because it took me hours to put it together! Same thing happened when I inserted this picture, it did not immediately go where I intended it to! ************** edited the cartoon above to add a link to the image so that when you click it, it will take you to another mangled post – but the content is worth reading! as I said the problem doesn’t always occur, and if it does, its not always immediate – so I will keep coming back to see how stable this post is – but whether its because I’ve changed browsers, I don’t know.  Maybe my HE will be able to tell me, cos I can tell you, she hasn’t made me a HAPPY BUNNY yet – tho she is trying very hard to be helpful! ***************** Sorry folks – go and look at the quilts – smile!





1375233632_Elvis-PresleyBut first – some light entertainment!  I fell asleep watching TV last night and woke up to this


A BBC4 rerun of a programme they made in August 2014 “Actor and musician Sam Palladio hosts a musical tribute to Elvis Presley, 60 years to the day from when he recorded his first single That’s All Right at Sun Studio in Memphis on 5 July 1954.”

I’m not a true Elvis fan, but the programme was fascinating, and I am a fan of our BBC, and if you click the link, you can watch this programme on their iPlayer – anywhere in the world!  FOR FREE

*******OK – back to the subject in question!

I left this post alone until this morning, and overnight I was convinced that this was a false test – because I am using Chrome for the first time – I had to download it specially for this exercise, and thanks for the prod – I like it! – and also, the default editing page that came up when I clicked the ‘pencil icon’ to write a new post is what I have now decided is “EDIT LITE”, AS IT HAS BEEN STRIPPED OF ALL BUT THE SIMPLEST ELEMENTS.

I was sure that any changes I made to it would not affect the formatting.


********The first thing I did this morning was amend the title of the post, because the original title : test on chrome, didn’t explain what it was about.  Then I also amended the caption on the Dr Seuss cartoon, cos I reckoned that as long as I was explaining the problems, I might as well see if any of you reading this would like to join my networking page on “my spare”.

When I woke up earlier, there were loads of comments awaiting moderation, and my stats have now passed 5,000 hits, so in adversity, there are some benefits – smile!

********I updated the post and – Da – Da – the original formatting has been lost and the text has been squashed up so that the spacing has gone and makes it far more difficult to read.

This won’t affect the bit that I am adding now, at least not until I go back to it once its published and do some more editing!

You can see the original spacing on Harsh Reality – because he was kind enough to re-blog my post yesterday – so thank you so much for that – it has been useful in adding readers to the post, but even more so in being able to show you all what the post looked like BEFORE!


This is the link to the re-blog : http://aopinionatedman.com/2015/03/24/test-on-chrome/

You will note that the bit of the blog that shows on his site is the original formatting, but as soon as you click the link to see the ‘original’ – it takes you to this page, where the formatting has changed’

It would be useful if I could have put this bit in a different colour, to make it easier for you to see that it is a copy of the first bit of this post – but that’s ‘edit lite’ for you – the facility for that isn’t there!

as I can't add colour, I've used this to show you this is the copy of the original post formatting

as I can’t add colour, I’ve used this to show you this is the copy of the original post formatting

” this is a test to see what happens when I publish and then edit a page.  I have switched to chrome to see if it makes any difference.  The editing page that has opened is a basic one, without the facility for forms or polls, or other options which I may want to use.

And again there is no way for me to change to the classic editing page that includes these facilities.

The reason I am doing this is that for some strange reason, when I put a post up, that is carefully formatted to be readable, and then find I need to add something to it, as soon as I have updated it, when working in safari, it loses all the original formatting, and can end up being unreadable.

The worst example of this is my post on the update to my post on the BIG BIN SWAP

*************In the meantime – I have heard back from the “Happiness Engineers”, who initially thought I was making a fuss about nothing – and had more or less ‘palmed me off with platitudes’.  They did add some very helpful tips tho’ – which I am copying here for all of you who have the same problem.

*************”If you hover over your existing posts on the following page, then you’ll see a link to ‘Edit’ which will keep you in the classic editor: there was a link here to the admin part of my site – the page that shows you the list of your posts.

You can edit and make changes to any of your existing posts in the classic editor from there.

While on that page, you can click the ‘Add New’ link that appears next to the ‘Posts’ title. This will direct you to the following link for creating a new post in the classic editor: there was a link here to the post list and it is pointing out the Add New link at the top of that page.

I want to reassure you that the classic editor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and you’ll be able to access it in WP Admin through the two links that I described above.

added just for fun!

added just for fun!

The pencil icon found in the black admin bar at the very top of the page as well as the in-page edit links on your site will direct to the new editor.

Our hope is to make the new editor so good that you won’t want to use the old one. 🙂 To do this, we really are listening to all feedback and appreciate the time you take to report back to us your experience with it.”

**************Well – lets take them at their word, when I have published this update, I will go back to them and tell them to have another look and this post – and to keep checking back to see the NEW COMMENTS that any readers of this feel like adding.

Comment-ImageBy the way, on both of my sites, ANYONE can leave a comment – you don’t have to be a wordpress user – you don’t have to fill in a form to be allowed to comment – you don’t have to worry that your comments won’t be accepted – because `i have chosen the option to moderate all comments, to make sure that spam comments don’t get thro’ – but unless your comment breaches the rules of normal courtesy – I will put it up on this site!  

I also don’t close the comments – so you can leave one any time –

look at the bit of admin at the bottom of this post, where you can click “like” or any of the other links to social media AND then click on the “x no COMMENTS” and it will take you to the comments section – scroll down to the bottom to find the box you can write in!  

ImageBy the way, I was going to underline this bit so it stood out – but there is no underline in ‘edit lite’ either!  I am very tempted to swear!

Now – please do me a favour and have a look at some of my posts about crafts – which is what julz crafts is supposed to be about!

In particular, please scroll down and have a look at the post I put up before this one

Where you can see Lori’s Favourite Quilt – which, by the way, is not the one shown here!