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my new “around the world” archive page


I have just added a new page – have a look!

all the relevant posts that have been published are listed in date order

clustrmap july

An Archive of Posts from Around the World

I have readers all over the world – how do I know? – because WordPress has a very good stats system and I can see where you all come from!  It always amazes me how you find me!

In addition, when its working, the ClustrMap widget gives me even more information – for example in the period from 31 March – 20 July there were 968 US visitors and only 659 visitors from the UK!

Other visitors came from almost every country around the world – including, in no particular order-  Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Peru, Kuwait, Thailand, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Russia, China, Japan and every country in Europe.

If you want to check this, the widget is at the very end of the “blog roll” on the right hand side of this page.  Just click on it!

You can also get for your own blog – just follow the instructions given on their site.

I occasionally post articles I find about crafting subjects from countries around the world and thought it might be useful to create a special archive page to collect them together for you.

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Lets create a Gallery of Your Work! Please Contribute …..

a scarf what I wove!

a scarf what I wove!

Just a quick note to say that quite a lot of things got sidelined whilst I was doing the A-Z challenge – it was very distracting to write & research a daily post during April!

However, some of the posts I put together were quite useful, and I am going to spend a bit of time tidying up this blog, and will add the information entries to the Information Sheet – i/sheet – Archive.

I would also like to be able to use this blog to host some of my readers work!  If you look at the Show & Tell Archive – which I will also be tidying up! – you will see that I am always happy to showcase your work.  A full ‘article’ about their work has been promised from various craftspeople, but it involves quite a bit of work, so they are slow to come in.

In the meantime, lets create a more general gallery during May.

I have just sent out an invitation to all the customers on my mailing list, to contribute to a Gallery of Your Work, and am also extending the invitation to anyone who happens across this post – smile – and of course to my loyal followers.

how to enter

A lot of us work at home and never get to share our work – but its great to be able to see  what others are doing and sharing a picture of your work here, may inspire others, or give you ideas for new projects – so please contribute to this gallery – whether you are a professional, amateur, or you are just starting up – its always great to see what people are making!

All I need from you is a good photograph of work you have done, any time, that you would like to share.  Just one from each contributor.  If you don’t have my email address, please use the “contact me page” and I will send you an email you can attach your contribution to.

Please add your name, a short description of the work, your blog or website address, if you have one – which will be published, so that others can get in touch with you if they like your work.  Please also add your email address – which will not be published – so that I can pass on any other enquiries to you.

This is a craft orientated blog, any craft work in any discipline is welcome, as are other media – not videos tho, cos they take up too much room!

The gallery will be be open to contributions during the whole month of May.

I will start putting them up as soon as I have enough contributions to start a new post, and will add to it, as they come in.  The link to the Gallery will be on the Show & Tell Archive, so that you can find it anytime, and as that Archive is a permanent page – your work will be available for others to see for the duration of julzcrafts.com – which will, hopefully, be for many years to come!

Look forward to seeing some interesting stuff!

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Q is for Quilts for Peace


QThere is a long tradition of group quilting.  Tales abound of neighbourly Quilt Circles who, from necessity, helped each other to make the everyday quilts for bedding, from scraps of material, often cut from old clothes.

A more modern tradition has grown up within protest groups and others working for causes, to make group peace quilts, or protest quilts.  I have picked a few out from my internet search, for you to have a look at.  Perhaps they will inspire you to make something similar within your own group?

This one comes from worldquilts.quiltstudy.org

National Peace Quilt

Title: National Peace Quilt – Maker: Boise Peace Quilt – Project Dated1984

This is the text that goes with it :  The BQP’s concern about the effects of Cold War rhetoric on their children influenced their quilts. In 1984, the BQP stitched National Peace Quilt. Schoolchildren drew blocks and BQP members transferred them to quilt blocks. The BQP solicited senators to sleep under it for a night. Each senator was then asked to reflect on the damage that the Cold War was doing to the nation’s children and to write their thoughts in a journal that traveled with the quilt. Image courtesy of the Boise Peace Quilt Project

This one comes from haitipeacequilts.org

Quilt artist Denise Estavat tells the story of life in the village where she grew up.  The men cut sugar cane and the oxen pull the cart to deliver it to market.  Notice the intense echo quilting and refined details in embroidery.

Quilt artist Denise Estavat tells the story of life in the village where she grew up. The men cut sugar cane and the oxen pull the cart to deliver it to market. Notice the intense echo quilting and refined details in embroidery.

PEACE QUILTS is a non-profit, ecomonic development organisation relieving poverty in Haiti by establishing and supporting independent, member-owned, women’s sewing co-operatives ….We also market their one-of-a-kind art quilts and a product line of affordable quilted items…….

peacequilt.wordpress.com is the website of the Worldwide Schools’ International Peace Quilt competition – this is a picture from their gallery showing children from the International School of Curitiba Brazil who worked on their 2013 quilt.


Lastly, this quilt which is based on the CND symbol, is on quiltinspiration.blogspot.co.uk, and the pattern, along with many others, is available free, for you to make for yourself.

Give Peace A Chance, free quilt pattern by Rosemarie Lavin and Jean Ann Wright for the Feelin' Groovy Fabric Collection at Windham Fabrics

Give Peace A Chance, free quilt pattern by Rosemarie Lavin and Jean Ann Wright for the Feelin’ Groovy Fabric Collection at Windham Fabrics

SHOW & TELL: Lori’s Favourite Quilt


Image 13 - Version 2

Lori is not a professional quilter – she says – “I have never sold or exhibited a quilt, but I have given quite a few away.”

This is Lori’s Favourite Quilt – Its not her “best one”, but its the one that means the most to her, and she has written a piece about it for the Show & Tell Archive.

Born in the USA, Lori has “a job that takes me all over the world, working with individuals, institutions and communities that are striving for the social and economic advancement of their communities.”  She is currently based in Macau – I had to look it up – it was originally a Portuguese colony, but is now part of China.

You can find out more about Lori’s travels,

and her quilts, on her blog – Quilt Musings


I began quilting about 20 years ago –

– after a burst appendix landed me in a hospital in Israel, followed by recuperation in the home of a friend whose wife was a quilter.

For many quilters, there is a tendency for your latest finished quilt to be your favorite, only to be replaced when you finish the next project.   Circles, Revisited is the one I have draped across the sofa, its not the newest, but I think it is going to hold its place as my favorite for a good while to come.
Image 11 - Version 2 It includes some of my favorite fabrics, has lots of free motion quilting, and demonstrates hat how no matter how inaccurate your tools and seam allowances, something beautiful can still be made from your efforts.  If I can make quilts anyone can!

I was never really domestically inclined growing up, and even now, my sewing is confined entirely to quilting. I caught the quilt bug when I was on a project in Israel and ended up with peritonitis.

After a couple weeks in hospital, I moved to a friend’s home, where in addition to receiving wonderful care and attention that aided my recovery, I was introduced to the beauty and variety of quilts and taught the basics of hand piecing and quilting.

Image 5  It didn’t take too long, however, before I had switched to a sewing machine. I loved how quickly a quilt could come together and enjoyed adding intricate machine quilting that would take years if done by hand.

At the time I started this quilt though, I wanted to keep one project that I could carry with me and work on when I was away from my sewing machine.

I had the idea of a quilt made of quarter circles of batiks, with the circles fading in and out of a scrappy background.  It never occurred to me to buy a professionally made-template to cut my fabrics — I just grabbed a plate from the cupboard, pulled a plastic folder from my stationary drawer and a handy quilter’s ruler, and used them to draw circle inside a square so that it approximated the quarter circle quilt blocks I had seen pictures of.

Image 15 I cut out the shapes using a pair of scissors, and voila, I  had my templates.  They were not the most accurate templates in the world…and in fact they degraded with use…but they were good enough.  I started cutting my fabrics, and soon I had a pile of patches in fabrics I loved and was very slowly piecing them together.  That’s about where life interfered.  The box was put on a shelf with my quilting fabrics, and quilting was largely forgotten.


Image 9 Fast forward to last year, when I decided to take up quilting once more.  As I was organizing my fabric stash, I came across the box and realized I still loved the fabrics and the design of the quilt.  Hand quilting no longer held any appeal for me, so I would need to put the blocks together by machine.

Circular blocks are not the easiest to put together at the best of times, and these blocks presented some massive challenges.  Because the templates were home made and not particularly accurate, the patches weren’t very accurate either.

Image 14 But the bigger problem was that you make templates for hand and machine quilting differently.  For machine quilting, you add the 1/4″ seam allowance to your template, and cut along that line.  You line up the edges of your patches and use a quarter inch seam while sewing.

For hand piecing, you make the template the size of the patches, draw around the patches and use that line to align your patches.

Your seam allowance doesn’t have to be accurate because you are sewing on the lines.  And mine were extremely inaccurate!

It took quite a lot of fiddling to get the blocks to come together, and some of them never did lie flat.  But once I got the quilt top together, I loved how the colors flowed from one block to another and across the quilt.  I used the circles to add a variety of free motion quilting motifs, adding another layer of design to the quilt (and hiding some of the block imperfections).  Despite the difficulties, or maybe because of them, it is now my favorite quilt, used to cuddle up with almost every evening since it was made.

Image 13 - Version 2 If you have ever considered quilting but were intimidated by the idea of all the pieces and the accuracy needed, I hope my quilt is an encouragement to give it a try.  I invite you to come take a look at my blog where I share the process I go through while making my quilts as well as the finished quilts.  Cheers!

I asked Lori for some more pictures of her other quilts, so here they are – if you click on any of them they will turn into a slide show.  Please remember they are HER COPYRIGHT – so ASK before you use them anywhere else!

This month, I branched out a bit and added some rather dramatic fabrics to my stock, some of which are great for quilting – please see “new in…”




new in – some beautiful fabrics for sewing and quilting projects


I tend to stock mainly spinning and weaving supplies on the sites listed below my photo on the right hand side panel, and I have recently got in a stock of standard carders, mini carders and carding cloth for you to make your own blending boards (for making up your own blends of colours and fibres).  These you will find on the julzweaving account on ebay, and on julz craft supplies at etsy.

And, just because I fell in love with them – I took a chance and added some really beautiful fabrics to the mix – these you will find on the 85solway ebay account, and again on julz craft supplies at etsy.  I hope you like them – smile!

They are all 100% cotton, the widths are shown below – if you click on any of the images they will become a slide show.  They are all sold in varied amounts, so that you can choose from metres to fat quarters for quilting, and have been chosen as quilting matches.

Apart from the giraffe design which is a cotton canvas, suitable for upholstery, the designs below all come in a medium to light weight cotton, that is great for dressmaking and other sewing projects.

Gallery post: some of the stuff I sell


dec cal pic


Today’s assignment on the  blogging101 course was to try out a different kind of post, and I have been intending  to put together a page that shows the type of stuff I stock, for spinners, weavers, felters, knitter, quilters and other crafters – so, why not use the exercise for this purpose!  This is the first Gallery I have ever put together and its rather random in nature, I could have put them together in categories, but, I haven’t – not this time.  I also intended to link the listings on etsy and ebay to each picture – but not this time. If you want to browse the listings, click on the personal links underneath my photo on the right hand side. If you want to buy direct see this page, if you want more information on anything contact me here!

If you want to buy anything, please do, smile, I  sell worldwide.  To see the captions and find out what the fibres are,  just hover over them.  I think it turns into a slide show if you click on any of the images.