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RE: Whoops! – the solution is Bcc!


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Let’s hope peace breaks out among my irate customers, after I made the mistake of not realising how much was going to change now that I have upgraded to Sierra!  I really do apologise that the first “newz from julz” email I sent out after all these months, wasn’t private.

See : Whoops, I found a Glitch and A Digital Nightmare.

It seems I was wrong in my original explanation – I was searching for all the help info about the “contacts” software, and I couldn’t find a solution.  In the old version, there was a box to tick for any group you wanted to keep private, and because I’d put the mailing list groups together over the last few years, I didn’t even imagine that they no longer were PRIVATE!

I did finally did another test this morning, with my sister and a cousin – who wouldn’t mind each others email addresses being displayed, and I got the same result as I had with the mailing list!

Then I “asked Siri” but it couldn’t find an answer either, “he” directed me to Office, which I don’t use, and a discontinued BBC page – which actually mentioned the Bcc trick.

Then I had an online “conversation” with Apple Help and found that they hadn’t bothered putting a privacy facility into the new “contacts” software – because you just use the Bcc field for the group when you a send an email!

It’s simple isn’t it – but I do wish they had put a line about that in the support section for “contacts”, it would have saved me a lot of time and worry, and my customers a great deal of annoyance.

Sorry – promise for sure now that it won’t happen again!

So now I can send out another email to the mailing list to apologise to everyone, cos not many will have checked this blog!


Whoops – I found a glitch!



Apologies to everyone on my mailing list,  I sent out a “newz from julz” update to you this morning, and whereas there was a facility on my old computer system, Mountain Lion, to hide all the addresses in a group, which I aways used, and I assumed it was the same with Sierra. (see Digital Nightmare!)

However, it seems they work on the basis that if you start a new group, you can decide then whether the email addresses in the group are available to everyone who gets it, or to keep them private – but there is no way to do this with a group already put together!

I couldn’t find a facility to do it any other way, and thought that because the old groups were already private, they would stay so!

I just got a “remove” email from someone, and the whole list of recipients was on it!

I got a real shock!

I promise you I won’t let this happen again, even if it means having to enter each separate email address into new group!

I really can’t apologise enough – but I honestly didn’t realise what was happening!

UPDATE – on 4 Sept:  The problem has now been resolved – please see